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Dickie - wildtype female
Ziggy - largest, golden albino, female
Hephaestion - Leucistic male (tumblrfamous)
Haku - dirty leucistic male
Charles - Female golden albino with a freckle
Eugene - male golden albino
Zazu - Pale golden albino alien
Bobby Corwen - Golden albino, Eugene impersonator and offspring of Charles and Eugene.
Captain Grouch - a grumpy wee wildtype

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Anonymous asked
Hello I have a canister filter in my tank but it hardly gets any of my axolotls poop and his water is very cloudy. I just installed the filter less then a week. Do you have any helpful tank cleaning tips and how often do I need to clean the tank or do water changes? Also can I used purified water in his tank? Thanks!

Absolutely do not use purified water. I can’t remember why, but it should not be used in aquariums. You will still need to siphon out filth from the bottom of your tank when you see it. Axie poop goes everywhere once it breaks up, so get it out as soon as you see it. I’m guessing you haven’t cycled your tank? While the filter is new, you will have to do daily partial water changes to avoid a large ammonia build up which will hurt your axolotl. Do about 25% of the water change daily for about a month, then if your tank is nice and cycled, the water will stop going cloudy, and you can do partial water changes once a week, but spot cleaning for poop needs to be daily. Here is an article that describes cycling, why it is harmful, and what it all means:

First time I’ve caught Ajax doing what axolotls do best: being a knob

First time I’ve caught Ajax doing what axolotls do best: being a knob

For those wondering, in regards to Hephaestion, my tank parameters were all as they should be. No spike in ammonia or anything. I wish it were the cause were that simple.

Anonymous asked
Hello! i don't suppose you could help me figure out what i can do for my sick axolotl. I think his leg is broken, it's very red and twisted, he's new and i think he might of been dropped at the store? i am very concerned, i was going to try the fridge method but i'm unsure if it'll work. Thank you.

There isn’t a lot you can do for this, you just have to make the axies conditions suitable so all he has to worry about is healing. I wouldn’t jump to fridging just yet, but if you can keep him nice and cool. Make sure his tank parameters are good, so he doesn’t get stressed out by ammonia or anything else like that. Make sure his filter isn’t blowing him around, and that there isn’t anything like rocks making it hard for him to get to his hides. If he has an axolotl buddy, put him in a separate container for now. It would help if you could submit a photo for me. Some axolotls get infections that show themselves as red legs, but if its twisted like you say, it probably isn’t that. I have an email you can send it to if you want to stay anonymous on tumblr. Keep observing him, to make sure he’s healing and not getting worse. The leg may get fungus and remove itself, or it might come right naturally.

So long as has easy movement, and doesn’t have to fight to move around, clambering all over big stones or anything, it’ll make it easier on him.

If you do want to fridge, and that’s fine, be sure to do daily water changes, and he won’t want to eat. My only reason for not putting him in the fridge just yet, is so you can keep feeding him. Either option is fine, but it will be a long time healing I think. If he’s wee, I think he will need all the food he can get, to help him grow and heal.

I love getting messages from you guys. I’m alone and lonely quite a lot these days, so they always cheer me up, and make me feel useful/purposeful. Don’t ever feel like you’re bothering me, I thrive on your messages, really!

This isn’t a plea for somebody to message me, I just want you guys to know you always can, and as much as you like! It will never bother me :)

The only visible signs of Hephaestion’s illness.

His gills are curled forward, his body is super bright and veiny, more so than when he’s just really active, his tail and gills are quite pink, and even the rest of his body is pinker than normal. The camera doesn’t capture the colour well, his veins are brighter and all over, not so pale and barely visible.

There is also something up with the skin around his eye, it doesn’t normally look like that, but it’s a miniscule detail I’m surprised I noticed.

His tail isn’t curved forward yet, so I think there’s hope! I don’t want to lose him :( he’s only about 5 years old. I’m waiting on the go ahead from caudata to use methylene blue, as I don’t know if the almond leaves will make it on time. 

EDIT: Please don’t think just because your axolotl is coloured brightly and you can see his veins that he is sick. This is normal. The degree which Heph is, is not, but it doesn’t look very bright or full on in the picture. Please don’t get scared. An active axolotl is always brightly coloured, especially in the gills, from increased bloodflow.

I had ten tadpoles sectioned off in Grouch’s tank, planning to let each axolotl have one. I lifted the divider slightly so that one could get under for him to eat. Two got under, right beside each other, and he gobbled them both up in one mouthful >.< Lardass. I’m waiting for him to regurgitate one later. That’s too big a mouthful for so small an axie. He won’t be small for long with that appetite.

Last pic of Francis Dollarhyde before he goes off to his new home, and some babies with the underwater camera

Anonymous asked
How do you feed your axolotls because right now I feed mine with a syringe and he used to eat the worms off the bottom of his tank but now he's spoiled and takes them straight from the tip of the syringe. I was wondering if you had any easier way to feed him especially since it's hard to suck up the worms if he doesn't eat them thanks have a great week.

You could feed him something else? I’m guessing you mean bloodworms and they are very messy. They are alright, but you should add some more to his diet anyway. For now, how about using something like a  stretched open bobbypin/bun pin, as tongs. Grab a wee chunk of worms and feed it directly to him, if he drops one, pick it up again. I used to handfeed my babies this way, and it’s a bit less messy.