Axolotls are knobs.

A blog for my axolotls: photos, updates, feelings, everything.
As well as information, advice and useful tips about axolotl care and breeding. Unless otherwise stated, all content belongs to me.

I'm a breeder from New Zealand, and am always happy to answer your questions, or set-up connections with other NZer's in the business.

Dickie - wildtype female
Ziggy - largest, golden albino, female
Hephaestion - Leucistic male (tumblrfamous)
Haku - dirty leucistic male
Charles - Female golden albino with a freckle
Eugene - male golden albino
Zazu - Pale golden albino alien
Bobby Corwen - Golden albino, Eugene impersonator and offspring of Charles and Eugene.
Captain Grouch - a grumpy wee wildtype

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Thanks for the method suggestion takolukas! I shall do it that way, nice and simple :)

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Zazu being a creeper

All I can see when I look at this now is:

"Do she got da booty?" "She doooo"


Some early morning knobbery from Sir Lancelotl. He was pacing like this for at least 2-3 hours, normally he does this when he’s hungry but he completely ignored the worm I gave him. I guess he was just playing. Walk, walk, walk, DONK!



If you could please follow that link and like the photo I would be so very thankful. I am in a competition to win an axolotl and if I get the most likes on the photo of my tank I win. Please please help me. I love you allllllll xxxxxxx

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