Axolotls are knobs.

A blog for my axolotls: photos, updates, feelings, everything.
As well as information, advice and useful tips about axolotl care and breeding. Unless otherwise stated, all content belongs to me.

I'm a breeder from New Zealand, and am always happy to answer your questions, or set-up connections with other NZer's in the business.

Dickie - wildtype female
Ziggy - largest, golden albino, female
Hephaestion - Leucistic male (tumblrfamous)
Haku - dirty leucistic male
Charles - Female golden albino with a freckle
Eugene - male golden albino
Zazu - Pale golden albino alien
Bobby Corwen - Golden albino, Eugene impersonator and offspring of Charles and Eugene.
Captain Grouch - a grumpy wee wildtype

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Captain Grouch is already looking much better, and still has a huge appetite.

Poor Heph hasn’t improved though. His gills are definitely turned forward and he’s not eating. I’ve bought some indian almond leaves to add to the tank, or to make a soak bath out of. 

Apparently they work as a good anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and are used my many aquarists. Axie people have used them and it seems okay, so I’ll give it a go

I got a message on my website today from a Cindy in Australia. I can’t reply because the email typed in was incorrect or had a typo. I tried an alternative but delivery failed for that too.

If you’re on here, please message me again!

If you cover the left side of his face, he looks grumpy.

If you cover the right, he looks scared.

Grumpy, scared, grumpy, scared.

His name should really be Janus, the god of beginnings and endings, who is normally portrayed with two faces. That or Hekate, the three-faced female goddess.

Poor Captain Grouch has fungus. I gave him a salt bath yesterday, and a salt bath today, and afterwards, he started spouting goo out of his gills. I’ve heard axies emit a slimey coat when stressed, but never seen it! I’m not sure how to proceed with salt baths now. I think I won’t. I’ll just keep him in a container and change the water twice a day and see if the fungus appears again.

Hephaestion isn’t looking right either. He’s very colourful and veiny. I thought nothing of it for awhile but he’s not eating. He makes an attempt, spits it out, then gets angry and runs away from the food if I hover it round his face and boop his nose. Very unlike him, he’s normally leaping from halfway down to grab the food from me. Checked the water parameters, they are fine. Everyone else is fine so he’s being isolated too.



traditional bruh fight me irl

Look! It’s based off my photo of Hephaestion :D


traditional bruh fight me irl

Look! It’s based off my photo of Hephaestion :D

Tumblr app is awful. I hit reply on a
Message and it sends to another
Person. It says it is sending as sillyaxolotls but keeps sending them from my personal blog. Sorry for any confusion guys!

Thanks everybody who commented about filter media. I have no internet and couldn’t access my phone data either. All very helpful suggestions/opinions. I think I won’t replace the media just yet but how frequently should it be replaced?
6 monthly?
The packages always say a few months but I think in the past I’ve only done it once or twice a year but that was with crappy filters