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Dickie - wildtype female
Ziggy - largest, golden albino, female
Hephaestion - Leucistic male (tumblrfamous)
Haku - dirty leucistic male
Charles - Female golden albino with a freckle
Eugene - male golden albino
Zazu - Pale golden albino alien
Bobby Corwen - Golden albino, Eugene impersonator and offspring of Charles and Eugene.
Captain Grouch - a grumpy wee wildtype

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My boy is so cute at feeding time! He’s slowly fattening up 

Anonymous asked
I'm rather worried about my axolotls.. I have a friend with a few axies and hers are always swimming about and look healthy, however my two don't move very often and one of them has quite small gills on one side. They have a very roomy tank at around 18 degrees Celsius and they get two blood worm cubes every day or at least until they are full (like my friend's) but I can't think of what the problem may be?

I would add variety to their diets. Bloodworms aren’t really that sufficient for adults. If they are still very little, it’s not so bad but as they grow you should introduce other foods. Are your frends axies the same age as yours? It’s perfectly normal for an adult axolotl to hardly move around. Mine tend to move more when there is less water circulation around the tank, and at night. It may be your filter is too strong? An overly active axolotl adult can potentially be a sign of a randy axolotl, in the mood to mate, or an unwell axolotl, who is being affected by poor water quality. 
The small gills could be a number of things - poor water quality, low/high oxygen in the water (some people argue for too much oxygen, while others argue for not enough, I don’t really know), or possibly one side has been bitten off, they don’t always grow back nicely.

Hope this helps :)

Cutie patootie! Dickie looks happy instead of constantly spooked for once!

Cutie patootie! Dickie looks happy instead of constantly spooked for once!

Common Misconceptions About Keeping Aquariums



People have been keeping fish for hundreds of years, but only within the past 50 years or so have they become so common. It is also during this time that many misconceptions have come to the surface. Most of the time these originated because of a lack of knowledge, but as we experimented and technology got better, we got a better understanding of fish. But this initial information (or sometimes intentional misinformation) is still around, and the vast majority of people who keep fish think at least one of these things is true.

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Anonymous asked
my axolotl is stressed! his gills are ok, but his tail is curled also he wont eat, the tank is about 40 lt, please help me.

Coming off anon would be more beneficial, as we can eliminate certain possibilities. How long has it been in that tank? What does the tank look like? Is your tank cycled? Do you do weekly water changes and regularly check the water parameters? What’s the temperature?
It could be any number of things, so message me so we can figure it out :)

Anonymous asked
How long do lotls usually live?

They live approximately 10-15 years in captivity, but some have lived to be 20+

Anonymous asked
How many axolotls do you have?

I have….let me count haha
I have nine adults, but am babysitting one for a friend too. Then I have ten albino babies, six of which I will keep, and about nine wild/leucy juvies, at about 10-12cms :) I need another big tank, as it’s getting a bit crowded

Anonymous asked
my axolotl wont eat since 2 or 3 days aproximately, is he sick or something? he's about 15 or 16 cm

That’s not unusual. Axolotls metabolism slows down as they age, so they don’t get as hungry. If it still isn’t eating after a week, something may have caused it. Any situation changes? Water changes frequent enough? Come off anon and we can eliminate possible causes :)